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40 tasty recipes, redesigned as infographics. bundled in a beautiful magnetic box

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5 free recipes
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5 free recipes
+ 15 premium recipes
+ 5 DIY templates
+ DIY Instructions
as Letter & A4 PDF

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Graphical Cooking Will Make You
a Better and More Creative Cook.

See all ingredients at a glance - no more browsing through long lists

The flow shows you how simple or complex a recipe is.

Room for creativity - take notes and add ingredients to make the recipe yours

“There are no words to describe how much I love what you are doing. Can't wait for the English version. :)”

Mirauncut via Instagram

The English Version

The Graphical Cooking Download Package contains 5 free recipes and 15 premium recipes in a high quality Print PDF format. Furthermore, you will get 5 unique templates to create your own Graphical Cooking recipes – including a simple step-by-step instruction sheet.

  • 15 + 5 recipe infographics
  • 5 DIY templates + instructions
  • DRM-free PDF format
  • Letter and A4 format

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Who is behind Graphical Cooking?

Nico and Jo from Thanksalot Collective are the creative force behind Graphical Cooking. The designers came up with the Graphical Cooking principle and design every recipe by hand.

Patrick from Spice for Life has a passion for rare spices - as well as good design. The two-time Red Dot award winner is the distribution partner for the Graphical Cooking recipe box.


What is this?

Graphical Cooking is recipes, visualised as infographics.

Who is Graphical Cooking for?

Graphical Cooking is for everyone who loves to cook - or wants to start it. It makes a great gift for friends, family or loved ones. Make sure you get a copy for yourself – once you have a box in your hands, you might not want to give it away. A basic understanding for kitchenworks is a big plus though – you should be able to cut a carrot or at least cook pasta.

How do I cook pasta?

Do you ship to my country?

At the moment, the Graphical Cooking Recipe Box will be shipped to Germany, Austria and Switzerland only. Send us an Email to to request shipping to your country - we will do our best & inform you once we found a way to ship the box to your country. Or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter.

Is it in German only?

Genau. The box is only available in German at the moment – however, you can get the English Download Pack or the Free English Recipes. Also, send us an Email to to let us know if we should translate the box in your language.

When will you add my language?

Soon, we hope! Send us an email to to convince us to translate the box in your language. Also, tell your friends and family to do the same - and make sure everyone gets the Englisch Download Pack from Gumroad.

Can I have my recipe made this way?

Why not! Drop us an email at with your favourite recipe. If we like it and find some time between translations, we'll add it to our collection.

How about a book?

We'd love to do a Graphical Cooking book. Are you a publisher? Please contact us at

Who are you guys?

We are Nico and Jo from Thanksalot, a Design Collective from Berlin. We're big design enthusiasts and of course we love to cook.

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